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Stew Perry 2023 results

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pondělí 11. prosince 2023

neděle 3. září 2023

pondělí 24. července 2023

úterý 20. června 2023

upgrade ROT2PROG

after 5 months of using the controller, the relay switched on permanently and the rotator spun around and around

I was also bothered by the constant clicking of the relays when watching satellites

that's why I bought this controller to control two motors

and replaced the 4 relays that control both motors

original controller diagram

and a conceptual wiring diagram with the controller

I also put filters in front of the motor outputs

I disconnected resistors R10,R11,R12,R13 and connected the signals from the processor to the controller

final wiring

středa 14. června 2023

Arrow SAT antenna on tripod version 1

this was the first version

- light and not very stable tripod

- the tripod head broke

- there was interference with the tripod especially in the 70cm band

recommendations for the next version : more massive tripod, placing the antenna in front of the tripod to avoid interference with the antenna