pátek 9. dubna 2021

Non-functioning bands 40 and 30m on the antenna Ultrabeam UB-50

After repairing the engine at WIMO, when the tapes were replaced, the 40m and 30m bands did not always work, and when strange noises started to be heard when switching from 20m to 30m, for example, I found out after splitting the corners that the tape did not run over the corners.

As can be seen from the picture, the original aluminum corner has a very small radius, so I bought a plastic goal for training footballers, cut it in half and replaced the aluminum corners with larger ones.

After removing the corner, about 200 ml of water flowed out of it.

So I drilled 2 holes in the new corner for condensate drainage from below.

The repair cost 12 EURO per goal and I had to climb the scaffolding several times.

The antenna again works beautifully at 40 and 30m.

end of the tape

plastic goal

testing a new corner

old and new corner

new corner done

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